Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Poetry

One of my favorite cartoon strips has been The Far Side.  Remember those? The following Far Side strip has stuck with me for a couple decades.  I believe I first came across it in college.  As an English major and poet, I found it particularly hilarious. 

Imagine a cow's deepest desires.  Now imagine if that cow could express those desires. That, my friends, is "Cow Poetry:"

Honestly, does it get any better than this?

After what happened to me last week, I feel compelled to write my own poem in the tradition of "Cow Poetry."

Distant Bells

The kettlebells call to me.
Their black smoothness seduces my heart.
Oh how I want to snatch and swing.
Oh how I want to clean and press.
Alas, I cannot.

Damn the Cheer bottle!
Damn the Cheer bottle!

Huh?  Cheer bottle?

Yep.  I pushed through the elements of effort when trying to open a bottle of Cheer detergent.  (I swear the thing was super glued shut.)  As a result, I messed up my right wrist. 

I didn't think it was so bad, just a little strain on it.  Then I moved furniture this weekend - mattresses, a couch, tables, recliners, chairs, totes full of household items.  Yeeeee Ouch!!!!!!!!

So, I'm forced to rest my wrist.  That means non-specific movement for me for awhile.  I've been doing some contra-specific movement, which has definitely helped.

Alas! I've learned to be aware of the elements of effort in everyday life as well as in the gym.  Damn the Cheer bottle!

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