Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Fun Day

My bootcamp gang and I got together again for another fun training session on Sunday.  Two of the guys in the group are in a local weight loss competition.  They are looking so good!  So far, they are in second place for weight loss and third for activity minutes. 

We did a deck of cards workout using four movements that tested well.  Eights were wild cards, as were jokers.  When a wild card comes up, we do an animal or primal movement.

Diamonds - Swings - 170 lbs. 
87 reps = 14,790 lbs.

Hearts - Pushups 
87 reps = 6525 lbs. 

Clubs - Rows - 16 kg 
87 reps each arm = 6090 lbs.

Spades - Burpees  
87 reps = 6525 lbs.

Wild Cards - Animals / Primals  
40 yards of bear crawl, crabwalk, bunny hops, lizard crawls
30 seconds of planks, mountain climbers, pike jump to jump up, falls
175 reps of slalom jumps

Obviously, we put the wild cards back in the deck and did them more than once.  This deck took us 45 minutes to complete.  I moved nearly 34,000 lbs. with the regular drills.  Add the animals and primals and I'm over 40,000 lbs.

That 45 minutes made my whole week.  I needed that workout to feel like myself again.  Thanks to the gang!

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