Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Count Em Off 1, 2, 3

Three drills. Three PRs.

Double KB Cleans - two 20 kg (88 lbs.) - 10 min.
79 reps = 6952 lbs.
-This is up from 55 reps on March 6. On that date I did mostly sets of four. Today I did mostly sets of six and eight.

Pushups - 9 min. 30 seconds
84 reps
-On March 15 I did 79 reps in 10 minutes.

Pinch Block Curls
42 reps each arm
-On March 29 I did 38 reps each arm. I haven't been timing myself on these, but I know it took me less time today.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Different Pathways

Today's training took me down different paths, ones I haven't been down in awhile.

Double KB Press - two 12 kgs (52 lbs.) - 5 min.
24 reps = 1248 lbs.
-I was surprised these tested well, so I went into the session optimistic. After 5 minutes, my ROM would not come back, so I stopped. This will give me a baseline for double presses because I have only been doing singles.

Snatches - 12 kg - 10 minutes
268 reps = 6968 lbs.
-Okay people. This was a walk in the park. I did 100 reps on each side before I set the bell down to rest. I just went at a steady pace, determined to set it down when I felt tension. I did 10 reps per arm then I'd switch.
-At the 5 minute mark, I had 160 reps.
-My spot on the SSST board has me at 274 reps (if I remember correctly). I did that a year ago and I worked hard to get those 274. Today, 268 was easy. Why did I ever make it hard?

I finished with a PR on pinch block curls. On Friday I did 32 reps on each side. Today I did 38 reps on each side. I could have done more, but I ran out of time. Run, Run, Run.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quick PR

I tried to get in some training today after a good night's rest. Not much tested well again except Sumo DL and swings. I decided to start with swings since I had done DL yesterday.

Double KB Swings - two 20 kg bells - 10 minutes
210 reps = 18,480 lbs.

That's a PR. On Monday I did 195 reps in 10 minutes.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Calgon, Take Me Away

I'm done. Toast. Finished. Exhausted in every way possible. The past few days, in fact the past three weeks, have been a whirlwind of shock, anger, disbelief, grief, and just overall stress. I serve on a board of not-for-profit organization that has come under great scrutiny because of the actions of the CEO. Nuff said.

I tried training today after being on the road and in meetings the past several days. Not much tested well - Sumo DL, pushups, pinch block curls.

I started with Sumo. After six minutes and 35 reps, my ROM did not come back. Time to bail.

Then I moved to the pinch block curls. Last time I did 4 sets of 5 on each side. Today, I did two sets of 7 reps and 3 sets of 6 reps on each side. That means I went from 20 reps/side to 32 reps/side. I didn't push myself either. They were just pretty easy.

After the pinch block curls, I was done. No pushups. I need rest. I will wake to train another day.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm in Shock

Sumo DL tested through the roof today, so I knew it was time to move more weight per rep. I've maxed out my KBs, so I decided to try a barbell again. It's been exactly one month since the last time I performed Sumo DL with a BB.

DO Sumo DL - 135 lbs. - 8 minutes
59 reps = 7965 lbs.
-I did mostly sets of 8, a few of 10, and one set of 7 reps. On Feb. 22, I did sets of 4 and 5 and moved 5270 lbs. in 12 minutes.
-That means today I moved 996 lbs./min. One month ago, I moved 440 lbs./min.

I'm in shock.

Swings - Dbl 20 kgs (88 lbs.) - 10 minutes
195 reps = 17,160 lbs.
-That's an increase of 15 reps and 1320 lbs. from the last time I did double 20 kg swings on March 6.

In 18 minutes of work time today, I moved 25,125 lbs. That's a PR as well.

I am the movement!

Friday, March 19, 2010

CAN do

It hit me today, out of the blue. Biofeedback works because it forces you to focus on what you CAN do.

Before I started testing and training using biofeedback, I would get so frustrated when I couldn't do what I wanted or was scheduled to do. I would beat myself up. I thought I was weak, undisciplined, or whatever negative adjective came to mind at the moment.

Now I test, see what I CAN do and do it. When my body says enough, I stop. Plain and simple. I don't stress over not getting in the prescribed number of sets or reps. I take each training session as it comes.

I am a planner, so not having a plan was unnerving for me at first. I've grown accustomed to not having a plan, and I actually like it. I guess a person can be overscheduled.

It's like opening a gift each time I train. I don't know what's in store, but I know it'll be good. Attitude makes a huge difference.

Today's training:

Dbl KB Jerks - two 12 kgs bells - 10 min.
80 reps = 4240 lbs.
-Last time I did double jerks, I did 65 reps in 10 min. I'm happy with that PR.

Sumo DL - 24 kg + 28 kg KB - 12 min.
118 reps = 13,570 lbs.
-That's 200 lbs. more than I moved in 12 min. on Wednesday. Not a huge gain, but the density was higher (9 lbs. more per pull).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Loving My Red Rafter

I want a Red Rafter with adjustable collars and an attached allen wrench.

I'm like Ralphie and his Red Rider bb gun. I hope I don't "shoot" my eye out! Check out to see what my Red Rafter looks like.

I did four set of 5 reps with my Red Rafter and a 5 lb. plate. That's a PR in reps and sets.

Guess what else tested well today?

Wait for it.................

Sumo DL - dbl 24 kgs (106 lbs) - 12 minutes
126 reps = 13,356 lbs.
-Most of my sets were of 10. They were easy and I PRed in volume. It's crazy good!

Monday, March 15, 2010

1659 lbs. per Minute

Double swings really up the pounds moved during a training session. Plus, I've PRed everytime I've done double swings. I keep getting better.

I started today with pushups. This is the first time they've tested well, so I went with it.

Pushups - 10 minutes - 79 reps
-If I pushed 100 lbs. per rep, that's 7900 lbs. in 10 minutes. I did sets of 5 and 6 reps.

Double Swings - two 16 kgs - 10 minutes
237 reps = 16,590 lbs.
-The last time I did double swings, I moved 15,840 in 10 minutes using two 20 kg bells. The last time I did doubles with the 16 kg bells, I did 225 reps in 10 minutes (15,750 lbs.).

Sunday, March 14, 2010

1104 lbs. per Minute

I did 10 minutes of work and moved 11, 040 lbs. I feel happy now.

Sumo Deadlifts - 28 kg + 24 kg = 115 lbs. - 10 minutes
96 reps = 11040 lbs.
-Actually, I moved this weight in 9:40, but who's counting? Last time I did Sumo DL, I did 80 reps in 10 minutes.

This was just what I needed this afternoon to lift myself up.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Will Take That PR after the Week I've Had

I was traveling for two days, but now I'm back. I went into my training session with an open mind. I've had a lot of stress the past few days, but I needed to get my body moving. I tested many drills, most of which tested well. Only squats and jerks tested poorly. That gave me a boost. Presses tested the best, so I started with those.

Military Press - 12 kg - 12 minutes
118 reps = 3068 lbs.
-PR from Monday. I did almost all sets of six.

Next, I moved to deadlift. I opted for a barbell instead of kbs.

DO Deadlift - 135 lbs.
23 reps = 3105 lbs in 8 minutes
-After 8 minutes, I could read the signs that my body was done. My ROM wasn't coming back. Normally, I would have kept going until I did the number of prescribed reps. Today, I listened and quit. I'm proud of myself.

Perhaps I should have done very light loads on all the drills that tested well. The reality of more stress on my body kicked in and shut me down. Sleep is testing really well right now. ;)

If I know my body, I know that it will be rested and ready to go again tomorrow. I will live to PR another day.

Monday, March 8, 2010

No Pressing Issues

Nothing was testing well today except presses. My body sent me a very clear message: "Press the 12 kg bell today!!" Okay, okay. I will. And, I'll PR in the process. Sheesh!

Military Press - 12 kg - 12 minutes
113 reps = 2938 lbs.
-I worked longer (12 minutes vs. 10 minutes last time). I also did more reps before needing to stop. Last time I did mostly sets of 5 and 6. This time I did mostly sets of 6 and 7 with only three sets of 5. My movement is getting more fluid and it looks/feels easier.

After pressing, I did some more testing of animal moves since "regular" lifts were not doing it for me. Lizards, Inchworms, Crab Walks, and Frog Jumps it was.

I did each drill 15 meters. I did 5 rounds in 10:40.

What surprised me was the quality of the movement, especially the lizards. I had the roughest time time with lizards the first time I tried them. My brain was just blocked from my body. Today, they tested well and I could even get a little speed. I will become coordinated yet!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Who'd a Thunk It?

I was not a spunky ball of fire this morning. I spent most of the morning lounging. You could say I set a PR in lounging. ;)

When I went to the gym, I did not have high expectations for a stellar training session. I didn't overthink, though. I just tested and did what tested well - Jerks, Cleans, and Swings. Ballistics it was! Boy did I surprise myself.

Jerks - Dbl 12 kgs = 53 lbs.
65 reps in 10 minutes = 3445 lbs.
-I haven't done these for awhile. I did mostly sets of 8 reps. My neck was so flippin relaxed. Definitely making more progress with my movement.

Cleans - Dbl 20 kgs = 88 lbs.
55 reps in 10 minutes = 4840 lbs.
-The last time I did double cleans, I used 16 kgs. I didn't time myself that last time. I do know that this is an intensity PR for me. It's also a movement PR. Each rep got better/easier. I started off doing sets of four and by the end, I was doing sets of six and seven.

Swings - Dbl 20 kgs = 88 lbs.
180 reps in 10 minutes = 15,840 lbs.
-That's a volume PR since Wednesday. It's also an intensity PR since I used 16 kg bell on Wednesday.

Who'd a thunk I'd end up moving 24,125 lbs. in 30 minutes of work time when I was draggin butt?!!? My head might have been tired, but my body was ready to go. Glad I listened to the right one.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blonde Moment

I forgot to post my total amount of weight moved during today's training. I didn't think of it until I saw Kathi's facebook update about her training. So, here it is:

26,010 lbs. in 34 minutes

Yep. It's a PR.

A Little More Progress

I felt rested and ready to train today. I determined my baseline ROM with an arm raise. I started testing different drills. Press - bad. Jerks - bad. Snatch - very bad. Squat - very bad. Regular DL - same. Bent Press - grrrreaaaat. Swing - good. Sumo DL - grood. ("grood" = between good and great)

Okay, I haven't done bent press in months, but I'll go with it.

Bent Press - 24 kg (53 lbs.)
10 reps each arm = 1060 lbs.
-This took me 14 minutes. I did a single on each side then tested. I did one each side when my ROM returned. I stopped when I felt my lock out was weak. This was the first time I've done bent presses with a totally relaxed neck. I'm really making progress on my movements.

Sumo DL - 24 kg and 28 kg = 115 lbs. - 10 minutes
80 reps = 9200 lbs.
-I only have one 28 kg bell, so I did uneven weights. I'd switch them around after each set. This was a new challenge, but one I liked. The double 24 kg bells were getting too easy.

Double Swings - 16 kgs = 70 lbs. - 10 minutes
225 reps = 15,750 lbs.
-This is five reps more than on Monday. I also did five sets of 25 and five sets of 20. On Monday, I did 11 sets of 20. Improvement.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Training Log - 1 March 2010

Pullup, snatch, squat tested poorly. Press, deadlift, and swing tested bestest.

Single Press - 12 kg - 10 minutes
94 reps = 2444 lbs.
-Today I definitely had a PR for movement. My pressing was more explosive. Each rep looked light, and I kept my neck neutral and relaxed. I am getting there one session at a time.

Deadlift - 155 lbs. - DO grip
12 reps in 6 minutes
Deadlift - 135 lbs. - DO grip
9 reps in 2 minutes
3075 lbs.
-I could really feel my hips during the DL tonight. It's been two weeks since I've done regular DL.

Swings - two 16 kg bells - 10 minutes
220 reps = 15,400 lbs.
I did mostly all sets of 20 and gripped the bells palms facing each other. Normally I would have done more reps so that I would be toasted. With biofeedback, I couldn't start another set until my body was ready. As a result, this felt pretty easy to do. Plus, this is an intensity and volume PR.

I finished off my training with some pinch block lever curls on my Red Rafter hand-made by Ryan Pitts at I used a 5 lb. plate. Good times.