Monday, April 25, 2011

Shift Happens

I've had a few shifts in the past few weeks.  Some changes, albeit small ones, have occurred.  In retrospect, the small changes have allowed me to change trajectory, which has led to a break from routine thinking and actions.

This caused some distress at the time.  For example, throughout March and early April, I was traveling a lot and performing in a local theater production.  All of this had impeded my ability to train consistently.  When the chaos of traveling and performing slowed, I injured my wrist.

Add to that a crazy number of papers to grade, assessments to develop, and a few projects to orchestrate at work, and I have found myself experiencing overload without my usual training there to work out my stress.

All of this has provided me the opportunity to take actions based on the data and to see the results of those actions.  I've seen myself stay calm even though I couldn't train.  I've even decided not to train, even though I've had the time, without feeling guilt.  That is a new one for me.

I've watched first-hand as the world did not come crumbling down because I didn't move over 100,000 lbs. in a week.  I'm really quite shocked at my serenity about it all.

I'm learning more about myself that allows me to take some risks, try some new paths.  As a result, I find my thought processes are shifting.

My thinking can consume me.  I get so wrapped up in my internal workings that I often tune out the external stimuli right in front of me.  Every time I look externally to guide my decisions and get out of the spiraling inward focus, I do better.

Every time I do better, I become better at making changes that are positive.  I can't wait until the newest Gym Movement course Bio Psychology.  Yeah, I'm going to totally eat all of that up.

And come back for seconds and thirds.  Can't wait to see what Frankie Faires is cooking up in Movement Kitchen!