Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New PR in the "Body Weight 500"

I'm amazed at myself.  I did the Body Weight 500 workout today and shaved 4 min. 30 seconds off my previous time.  I'm pretty pleased with that performance.  I think the difference was I didn't rest between rounds.  I was able to just keep going continuously.

1. Split Lunge w/ Kick - 140 reps total
2. Plank Jump Backs - 95 reps total
3. Sumo Squat Pulses to Jump Up - 45 reps total
4. Hindu Pushups - 50 reps total
5. Reverse Lunge to Side Lunge - 80 reps total
6. Sumo Squat w/ Twist - 90 reps total

Total Time to 500 reps - 19 minutes 

For a comparison, see my June 8th post below.   

To top off my day, I had a great round of golf - my best all season.  The weather was perfect today for golf.  Finally!

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