Monday, June 6, 2011

Body Work Log

I'm really digging the body weight workouts.  They're perfect for me when I can't get to the gym to use my equipment.  I put together some new moves today.  They were fun and challenging. 

Circuit - 20 minutes - 4 Rounds  
1. Split Lunge w/ Front Kick - 65 reps total 
2. Crab Stance to Pike Press - 36 reps total
3. 1 Leg Squat w/ Back Leg Press - 32 Left, 32 Right total  
4. Sumo Squat w/ Torso Twist - 80 reps total  
5. Pike Jumping Jack w/ Jump Up - 40 reps total  

Then I did a bunch of Ab work - planks, situps, etc.

On Friday, I did a 4.2 mile walk in 50 minutes with my friend Deb.  I wore my new vibrams - bilikas.  They have a thicker sole then my sprints.  The bottom of my heels was a bit irritated, but other than that, it was a great walk.

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