Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kearney On

I snuck in a quick training session this afternoon.  Boy, did I need that!  Training helps me move my brain off an issue so I can think more clearly.  Move my body, move my brain.  Move better, think better. 

With lots piled up on my plate these days, it's easy to get tunnel vision.  As my fortune cookie read yesterday "It's impossible to see all the stars from the bottom of a well."  Sometimes it seems there is only one solution, or one course of action, or one perspective when we are stuck down in our own wells. 

If we move our bodies and climb out of the well, we can see all the options out there for us.  It is liberating.

In order to inspire me to move, I put on a little Mat Kearney - songs from Young Love like "Hey, Mama" and "Ships in the Night."  It's impossible NOT to move when I've got those in my ear! 

Two Drill Circuit - 10 minutes
1. Sumo DL - 130 lbs.
90 reps = 11,700 lbs.
2. Swings - 130 lbs.
72 reps = 9360 lbs.

That's a total of 21,060 lbs. in 10 minutes.

Inverted Rows - TRX - 7 min.
66 reps
Density PR

Now I'm better prepared for the rest of my evening.  Kearney on!

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