Thursday, December 18, 2008

Avoiding the Inevitable

I've been knocking out my training this week - good progress. The only area I've felt unsure of is my military press on the left side. I press out hardstyle on the right and my training protocol is working beautifully on that right side. I feel that I will be pressing the 20 kg in the next few weeks. (Unfortunately, I'm not confident I will git er done by Christmas. Bummer! But I WILL definitely try!)

On the left side, I have gotten very few presses out without a little knee dip. (Just to remind everyone, I'm doing double presses - 16 kg in one hand, 8 kg in the other.) Well, wouldn't you know it; David Whitley posted a video about getting your lats to engage when doing presses. The man can read my mind, seriously! I was doing exactly what he shows on my left side - lifting my shoulder up to my ear. Dumb, dumb, me. On the right side, I wasn't doing that. My left side must have an inferiority complex!
So, I will definitely be hanging around, shortening my arms over the next week. (If that means nothing to you, watch Dave's video.)
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The title of my post today reflects my absolute lack of interest in grading the 12 remaining research papers in the box next to my desk. I'm doing everything I can to avoid them. Heck, I may even post some more student photos to eat up more time. I am terrible!

I hope you enjoy the photos in this post. They are by Rachel Hughbanks.

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