Friday, December 5, 2008

Thursday Comes Before Friday

Since Wednesday I was looking forward to my training on Friday. I was not disappointed today. However, I got in a bonus training session on Thursday.

The photography students at the college where I teach had a test. They each had 10 minutes to shoot me with my kettlebells. They had had a day to research kettlebells and they watched a video of me conducting some training on Wednesday. There are 11 students. A couple actually did some research. The others, not so much. A few wanted me to hold a bell in each hand and hold my arms out in a T. Maybe if I had 10 lb kbs!

Suffice it to say I had a two-hour training session while posing for 11 photo shoots. I bet I did 50 windmills, 30 TGUs, 30 presses, and 100 swings (w/ the 20 kg). I also did a lot of squats and renegade rows. I will get a disk with all the photos. I can't wait! I will post some on this blog and my facebook page when I get them.

All that training made me hungry! I had "naked" chinese for lunch Thursday (no sauce, just steamed veggies and chicken) and opted for the rice, which I usually forego. Then I had a naked burrito at Qdoba for supper. (That actually gave me a stomach ache. Yuck!) Wow, Thursday was kind of a naked day, huh?! LOL

Today I was sore, especially my sides from all the windmills. I didn't know how my training would go today. Here's what I did:

Circuit of
Tricep Dips - 15
Walking lunges - 10 each leg
Hindu Pushups - 8
Cossacks w/16 kg - 8 each leg
-3 Rounds
-No rest between drills
-30 secs between rounds

Clean & Push Press - 20 kg - 5 x 2 L, R

That went well. When I got home, I lied down and fell asleep for an hour. Whew! I'm beat. It's been a crazy week. I have two more weeks to go before my semester is over and I get a break.

I've been keeping my PhD. When I look back at what I've eaten, I think maybe I'm not eating enough. I don't know. My eating has been weird since I started the piehole diary two weeks ago. I've actually eaten more cookies in the last two weeks than I probably did the previous 10 months! Maybe it's just a phase. Hopefully it's just a phase! I don't usually eat a lot of sweets. I tend to go for grains - oatmeal, bread, cereal. Oh, and Templeton Rye!

Well, I'm off to bed early. My body and mind are D-O-N-E. Have a great weekend!


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Ha! I love the "photo student" training!! That's great!