Monday, May 2, 2011

Get Busy Doing

No one really wants to read another post about how terribly busy I am.  Join the club, right?  Everyone is busy.

What are we all so busy doing?  Really.  What am I so busy with?  Work. (Only 75 essays left to grade in a week's time.)  Family life. (Church activities, school activities, moving into a different summer cabin.) Spring cleaning. (Yeah, filled a dumpster from the attic).  Buying another funeral home.  (Renovations and yard work to come there.)

But, really, am I that busy or do I just BELIEVE I am?

Let's look at the data.
1. I've noticed my thinking and, therefore, my writing has become quite clipped.  I think in small chunks.  My writing is full of fragments and phrases that I pass off for sentences.  Usually I think in complex sentences.  My thoughts are littered with semicolons.  Not lately.
2. Rarely do I pass up an opportunity to dive into a philosophical discussion.  The other day, a few colleagues were debating whether or not believing something makes it true.  I didn't say a word.  Not a word.  ?????  I didn't have any urge to add to the conversation.  That has never happened to me before.
3. I have no guilt about my lack of training over the past several weeks.  I know that I will be better for training in a few weeks when my semester is over and I can focus on setting some goals for myself.  Right now, I have no training goals or physique goals past "Don't gain weight."  I'm confident in my ability to set and meet goals following Gym Movement protocols.  I have proven to myself that I can. 
4. I've been sleeping very soundly and waking before my alarm.  Now there's a phenomenon I haven't experienced since summer.

So what's the verdict?  Am I busy?  Am I too busy? 

It doesn't matter what I THINK.  It only matters what I DO. 

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