Monday, July 14, 2008

Back to Snatching - Finally!!!

It's been 3 weeks since I've snatched a kettlebell. WTH? Brad had me swinging only to build up my EDT. This week I get to snatch one day. Today was the day. Here's how it went:

EDT - 15 minutes
1. Snatch left - 16 kg (35 lbs)
2. Snatch right - 16 kg

I did sets of 10 each arm and ended up with a measly 180 snatches (90 each arm). I think I did 130 in the first 10 minutes and then needed more time to recoup between the last sets.

I really hope those numbers improve next week! I have nowhere to go but up! Does anyone know how many I would need to do for the 10 minute SSST?

After the EDT, I did my GTG for pistols and pushups. I felt weak on the pushups. I was supposed to do another round of EDT consisting of double bent rows and burpees, but I was shot from the snatches and GTG. Plus, I had to shoot a round of golf. I hate it when I don't finish my training!!

After golfing, I did take the dog for a walk. I ended up running for about 10 minutes to make up for the missed EDT. I hadn't run in about 7 months. It felt pretty good. Not good enough to start doing it regularly though, LOL!!! My feet aren't ready for that. They are getting better every week. That reminds me; I need to do my Z drills yet. Oooops!

Hey, check out Brad Nelson's latest blog. He gives the "Duct Tape" speech. You know, the one that got me off my bad-eating ass and on the healthy eating highway. Good stuff there, especially if you need a kick in the pants.


Joe Walker said...

Check it out for yourself.
Awesome work, Amy!

Amy said...

Thanks Joe! I went to the website and I see that my 130 snatches in 10 minutes would put me at number 8 on the Ultimate Snatch Test List since my 130 was with the 16 kg bell! Now I wonder how many I could do with the 12 kg in 10 minutes.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Amy, Why the sudden interest in testing the USSST? lol You know there is a 5 minute test and a 10 minute you have a base line for the 10 min. Try 5, going all out.

I'm not clear about you first 10 minutes snatching the 16kg though. If you didn't put the bell down, it would be one long ten minute set, instead os "sets", or did you put the bell down?

I guess you should check with Brad first, will this fit into your current training goals?

As far as the 10 min., 12kg snatch test, if you think you can break 300, then you should get someone to video part or all of it, and a "clicker" is a must!

Amy said...

I put the bell down after each set of 20 (10 each arm). When I did that training session Monday, it was not with any SSST in mind. That came as an after thought. When I went on the site Joe pointed out, I saw there was a 16 kg list, which interested me more than the 12 kg since I had to do the RKC snatch test with the 16 kg. I rarely even snatch the 12 kg anymore.

I also saw a certain snatching machine's name on the 12 kg list. You're amazing Tracy!!