Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Training Log - Monday & Tuesday

I'm still working on the EDT (Escalating Density Training). I'm about at the top of my reps for the 15 minutes. I did switch up the order of my training days in hopes that I will get to do all my training. So far, so good!

Clean & Push Press - 16 kg - 10 x 3 L,R
Definitely getting easier! I will be pressing that puppy soon.

Circuit 4 times through of
Mountain Climbers - 25 per leg
Walking Lunges - 15 yds per leg
Bicep Curls - 6 per arm w/ 20 lb. dumbbell
Overhead Tricep Extensions - 10 w/ 25 lb. dumbbell
Bear Crawls - 20 yds
Crab Walk - 20 yds
I did not rest between drills. I took a short break (30 seconds) between rounds.

EDT - 15 minutes
Swing Left - 16 kg
Swing Right - 16 kg

I completed 460 swings total - 230/arm. The first time I did this EDT a few weeks ago, I counted 500 reps. I'm thinking I miscounted because last week I did 400 and this week 460 and I went almost nonstop for the entire 15 minutes. I did two sets of 100, a set of 120, and then finished with a set of 240. I felt in a zone for that last 5 minutes, so I just kept swinging until the timer went off.

I've also been working my new GTG on pistols, pushups, and pullups. The pistols have a LONG way to go, but I'm making steady progess. Pushups are really good. I think I could now do 10 strict military pushups. Yay me!

I posted last week about my feet and the work I'm doing to rehab them. I am happy to report that my big toe joints are loosening up. There is definitely more mobility and less pain when I do my slow, Z walk. I can move my big toes independently now; whereas just a week ago I had to manually move them. Amazing stuff!

Okay, back to work! I have a list to get through today!

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