Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday's Training

When I opened up my training schedule from Brad yesterday, I was apprehensive. He increased my time on the EDT. Yikes!!! After reconsidering today, I decided this was a good thing. It would increase my conditioning and my strength. I need to push myself on some of the basics so that I have a good foundation for the more advanced drills such as pistols and pullups. I'll never be able to do those if I don't have the strength or if I'm not at my ideal bodyweight. Time to revisit my goals!!

So, with my attitude adjustment, away I went:

EDT Zone 1 - 18 minutes
1. Double Swings - 12 kgs
2. Double Squats - 12 kgs

If you read last week's posts, you know that I've been struggling with squats. I haven't even been doing many with the double 12 kgs bells. I've mainly been doing bodyweight squats on this EDT round. Today, I am happy to report, ALL of my squats were double 12 kgs. ALL OF THEM!! How many did I do?

74 Double Squats
270 Double Swings

Okay, so 74 in 18 minutes isn't great, but it's a start for me. And, I did 74 while doing 270 double swings (in sets of 10). I'd do 10 swings, 3 squats, 10 swings, 3 squats, take a break. Start over. 18 minutes.

EDT Zone 2 - 18 minutes
1. Clean & Press Left - 12 kg (26 lbs.)
2. Clean & Press Right - 12 kg

Last week I believe I did 71 each arm in 15 minutes. This week in 18 minutes I did

95 each arm - 190 total

I'm pretty happy with that. That's slightly more than 10 per minute. I would do sets of 4 each arm, 3 each arm, 3 each arm, rest, start over. Toward the end I did sets of 2 each arm. My goal was to rest as little as possible. We'll see where I go next week with these numbers.

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