Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday's EDT

EDT Zone 1:
Double Swings - 12 kgs

I did 200 swings and 100 squats in 15 minutes. Last week I did 110 swings and 108 squats. How did I increase my numbers? I did sets of 10 double swings and 5 squats. I had thought I had to do the same number of each drill, but Brad straightened me out on that.

I'm experiencing technical difficulties with the squats. I am supposed to perform the squats with double 12 kg KBs; however, after 3 sets, I had to switch to bodyweight squats. Looking back, that was a bad decision. I should have picked up one, lighter KB (16 kg perhaps) and continued squatting with less weight. Or, I could have lowered the number of reps per set.

These squats have been plaguing me for weeks. I can perform bodyweight ATG squats easily, but when I add any weight, I lose tension in the bottom of the squat. My entire pelvis area feels almost numb. I'm not transferring tension properly. I need to get this figured out.

EDT Zone 2:
Clean & Press Left - 12 kg
Clean & Press Right - 12 kg

I did 71 left and 71 right (142 total) in 15 minutes this week, up from 70/70 (140 total) last week. I had to really push to get 142. Feeling a bit fatigued.

I've really been working my Z for my feet and I'm seeing and feeling good results. I'm walking differently, which gave me sore leg muscles for a few days. That has subsided, though. I'm also adjusting to my new eyesight. Everything has healed well and I am sooooooo very pleased with the result. I never thought I would ever be able to see as well as I do. It's truly amazing!

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