Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday and Friday's Training

I did Thursday and Friday's training on Wednesday and Thursday since I will be gone on Friday. Yep, I finally planned ahead!

Here's what I did Wednesday:
Squat Jumps x20 yards
Backwards Bear Crawl x20 yards
30 seconds between rounds – 4 rounds

2 hand Swings x15
Mountain Climbers x20 per leg
30 seconds between rounds – 4 rounds

Renegade Rows x 6 per arm
Crab Walk x20 yards
30 seconds between rounds– 4 rounds

I do not rest between exercises in these mini-circuits, just the 30 seconds between rounds. I love this workout!!

Here's what I did Thursday:
EDT - 15 minutes
1. Double Swings w/ 12 kgs
2. Squats
Do as many as I can in 15 minutes. Try to beat my numbers from last week.

I did 110 double swings and 108 squats this week. Up 5 each from last week. The squats are killing me. I could do more of the swings, but I know I have to try to match the squat numbers.

EDT - 15 minutes
1. Clean & Press Left - 12 kg
2. Clean & Press Right - 12 kg
Do as many as I can in 15 minutes.

I did 70 on each side, up from 60 each side last week. I am absolutely amazed at how quickly my pressing strength is developing. I finally found the right groove AND Brad taught me how to use relaxation and tension properly. Now that 12 kg just flies up. 140 in 15 minutes. Not bad if I do say so myself!

I am super duper happy because I got to go for a good Harley ride today. The weather was perfect! We have been fortunate in NW Iowa to have such nice weather in July. June was unusually cold, but July has been beautiful.


leslie said...

Your workouts and numbers are truly impressive! Keep up the great work!

Amy said...

I read that your air quality is not good. My first thought was "swing a kettlebell!" It is a kickin cardio workout. Put on a timer for 15 minutes and see how many you get done. Try to do more the next day in the same amount of time. Just my .02 - take it or leave it.

I'm curious about your 100 pushup goal. I'm working on pushups as well. I will be so thrilled when I can do 25! 100 seems far out there! Good luck on 100!!! I'll be rooting for you!

Tracy said...


How many double swings did you do in each set? I poop out at about 20...I hate them. But you've got those long legs...try getting 2 bells between short squatty legs, lol, I have to widen my stance quite a bit!

Amy said...

I do 5 double swings, 5 squats with the 12kgs. I'll do five rounds of that and then take a little break and then do 5 rounds until the 15 minutes is up. This week I'm planning to do more double swings, perhaps 10 at a time and then do 5 squats.

It is tough to fit two KBs between my legs. I have to widen my stance and turn my palms to face each other. I am not quite sure how a tiny person like you can do it. It surprised me just how petite you are!! I don't realize how tall I am since my family is all tall and my hubby is 6'2". We grow em big in the midwest!