Monday, November 23, 2009

Easing Back In

I'm feeling a bit better, so I had to do some training. I started with my Zscription. Ahhhhh!

It's been awhile since I did snatches and swings, so I thought, "Why not?" It felt great to get my heart rate up.

Snatches - 16 kg (35 lbs) - 50 left, 50 right
-I did the RKC snatch test: 100 snatches with the 16 kg in 5 minutes. Still got it! (with time to spare)

Swings - 24 kg (53 lbs.) - 10 min.
-I did 20 reps every 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest. That was a workout! It felt good to get back to the basics and just sweat.


John Roberts, RKC said...

Amy, good to see you are much better. That looks like one heck of a session for just easing back in! What were your RPEs?

Amy Jurrens, RKC said...

Snatches RPE - 8
Swings RPE - 7

Remember, I'm on a 10 point scale. :)

John Roberts, RKC said...

Very nice!