Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Me Likey!

Today's training was fantabulous! I feel like a She-Woman. Roaaaarrrrr!!!

Open Palm Plate TGU - 35 lbs. - 5 x 2 L, R

1 Arm 1 Leg Deadlifts - 24 kg (53 lbs) - 5 x 5 L, R
alternated with
Bent Press - 28 kg (62 lbs) - 5 x 2 L, R
-My lats are still shaking. :)
-I'm still sick, so putting up these numbers is astonishing. I can't wait to see what I do when I'm at 100%.

I best be placing an order for a 32 kg kettlebell. I need more iron!


John Roberts, RKC said...

Hey Amy,
Aren't there a couple PRs in this mix? Nice work!
Since you asked me. I want to know. Is your program geared toward RKCII?
Short and long please!

Amy Jurrens, RKC said...

Well John - You're quite perceptive. The long-term goal is RKC II. As you can see, though, the pullup is a problem. I haven't worked the pistol for awhile. I'm building the squat strength while trying to get my glutes firing through Z drills.

Short term - tactical pullup, 32 kg bent press, 20 kg MP (I haven't tried it, but I'm pretty sure I can do it now.)

I wish that I lived closer to Brad Nelson so I could get more face-to-face. I am a lone ranger here in NW Iowa. *Sigh*

Oh, and I do have a vanity goal - 21% bodyfat. Doable for a 38 year old woman? Hit that % and I'll probably be able to do several pullups. :)

John Roberts, RKC said...

Ahh, Hardstyle Ventura would have been a good workshop for you. If Pavel has another, I highly recommend it if you can go. The only secrets that I am able to give you to help with your pull-ups are the irradiation concepts from 'Power to the People' and 'The Naked Warrior'. You can use those references to shorten the mid-section (abs), align the tailbone with the belly button, squeeze the armpits, elbows close to the ribs, and blast-off!

Regarding the body fat I cannot say. However, on a personal note, about two years ago I began a modified 'Warrior Diet' and got rid of about 10 lbs in about two months. I've maintained my weight of 180 until about three months ago when I included the 'East Stop Eat' method twice a week and within six weeks got rid of about another 10lbs. All things being equal, I have kept a pretty clean diet and consistent exercise routine. Being a little lighter does help in the pull-up arena. Go see Nitro, uh, I mean Brad!