Monday, August 9, 2010

Everything's an Experiment

I'm back from my mini-vacation to Lake Okoboji. I only trained once the entire week. Surprisingly, I didn't even worry about it. I know! That doesn't sound like me, does it?

I've been experimenting the past several months with every aspect of my life using biofeedback. I've turned long-held beliefs on their head and tried out new ways of conducting the business of life.

Here are a few of the areas I've experimented in:
1. Training
Duh, right. It was scary to program myself after relying on Brad Nelson for so long. Now, it's second nature to me. At first I worried I would lose ground because I didn't have the accountability. What I've learned is that I'm harder on myself than Brad could ever be. I keep myself in check. I still call on people if I'm struggling (Adam, Tera, Frankie), and they are quick to ask me questions to get me moving.

2. Nutrition
I stopped taking all supplements in June. I've been taking supplements for 5 years. Before this year, I was afraid what would happen (weight gain) if I stopped. Now, I decided to experiment. What happens if I stop? Nothing. Life went on. I didn't gain weight.

I also starting eating carbs and dairy more frequently. I used to be afraid of them because they are supposed to make you fat. They are evil. Guess what? They're not. I haven't gained weight even though I eat them. I know when I eat too much because my body gives me clear signs. Had I not experimented, I wouldn't have known.

3. State of Mind
I've stopped obsessing over my training and eating most of the time. I'll have my moments, but they are very infrequent. As I build up my metabolic flexibility, I let go of the fear that kept me trapped for so long.

I go each day looking for opportunities to be better. That keeps me focused on the positive. That makes my state of mind more relaxed and more open to possibilities. My anxiety level has tapered to nearly nothing, where I used to run in a constant state of anxiousness. It is freeing to not be buzzing with anxiety at all times.

Things still go wrong in my life; I still make poor choices; I still worry about my life. I'm a human, but I'm a more self-aware human now. It's amazing to think about where I will be in a year.

I did train today, and it was a rush. It felt so good to train after several days off.

Circuit - 5 rounds - 11 minutes, 15 seconds
1 Arm KB Rows - 20 kg
25 left, 25 right
-I did more reps per set than last time. Density PR

KB Press - 12 kg
30 left, 30 right
-I took the time to check several different stance options and rotation. I don't always do that. It made a big difference today, especially on my left side. Density PR on left side


1 Swing/1 Snatch - 20 kg - 10 minutes
25 left, 25 right
-I haven't snatched the 20 kg in a year. It was pretty easy. Intensity PR

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Tera said...

I am so proud of you! The personal growth and discoveries you have expirenced the last 4 months is amazing!