Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Great Experiment Continues

I totally messed with my body today, but in a good way. It's fun to test out actions and behaviors and see what happens. Here's the story:

I love getting massages. Usually, I get them in the evening so I can take a hot bath and go to bed afterwards. In the summer months, I get them in the afternoons. I have never trained after getting a massage. Well, guess what? Today I changed that.

After the massage today, I took a shower to get the oily gunk off. (I can't stand the smell or feel of being lubed up.) This threw off my body. It went with the usual signal and started winding down to go to sleep. Okay, quick nap.

I have boot camp and my own training to do on Wednesdays. You can probably guess how my training went. I was lethargic and unenthused about the prospect. My body was like, "Whassup widdat?" I was like, "It's time to train." My body was like, "No way." And I was like, "Way." :-P

My body didn't know what to think. So I just let it give me feedback and took it from there.

Dbl KB Press - 12 kgs - 10 min.
50 reps
-Every other time I have done double presses, I have done a clean first. I guess this will be a baseline for me. Doubles gave me better ROM than singles.

1 Arm Swings - 24 kg - 10 min.
135 reps left and 135 reps right = 270 reps
-I did sets of 10 on each arm and did that twice before resting. One set I did 15 reps per arm. My grip was really strong, which surprised me.

I tried some primal moves, but they were a no-go today.

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