Friday, September 19, 2008

50 with 35

VO2 Max
5 rep cadence
16 kg kettlebell (35 lbs.)
50 sets
After 40 sets I really wanted to stop, but I pushed myself. I had to make it. I had to prove to myself I was capable. I probably could have made it to 60 sets, but I was running out of time.

That's been the story of my week. I've been meeting myself coming and going. By the time I got to Des Moines on Tuesday, I was shot. Four nonstop hours driving alone is too much for me. I can travel all day if I'm the passenger, but driving makes me sooooooo tired.

Wednesday I had 10 hours of meetings. I was in no shape to do training. My brain was exhausted. Thursday I had fours hours of meetings and then the four hour drive home. Done. Finished. No way I'm touching a KB.

Sorry Boris! I would have loved to take you up on your offer to train, but it just wasn't going to happen. I'll be back in November for the IASB convention. I'll see if I can break away to get in some training with you.
I'm off to watch Greta on Fox News and then it's bed for me. Tomorrow - soaking up the sun!
Oh, here's a couple of pics of Lauren from her birthday. She's too stinking cute for words!
Webkinz characters on her cake.

New shirt - such a poser!

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Joe Walker said...

Keep up the strong work, Amy!