Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'll Be Back!!!

I'm heading to Des Moines for the Iowa Association of School Boards board meetings today. I'll be driving (270 miles one way) or in meetings until Thursday night. (I represent nine counties in NW Iowa on the IASB board of directors. I've also been a director on my local school board for nine years. The IASB director position is one I've been filling for the past year.)

Never fear! I will be training in my hotel room. Brad gave me a sweet bodyweight circuit custom made for hotel rooms. I'll be jumping on the bed (YIPPEE!!!!) and doing burpees and hindu pushups. I'm even going to throw in a KB and do a VO2 max snatch session.

I'm still available by phone, email, and facebook on my crackberry. I can check in on all of your blogs as well from my phone.

Look for a post by me by the weekend. Later!

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Boris said...


I'm in Urbandale. Give me a call if you'd like to train in later evenings - I usually train at 8 or 9pm. 252-1428

Definately leave a name and number if you get the machine.

Boris, RKC