Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brand New Start

Brad and I had a long discussion about the direction my training will be going in. I want to focus on strength gains. Shocking, I know! So he totally revamped my program. I got to start some new drills as well as variations of regular ones.

On my training posts you will now see a number after each drill. That number represents my rate of exertion 1-10. This is for Brad and me to gauge my intensity.

So here's what I did Monday.

Bent Press - 20 kg - 4 x 1 L (8), R(6)
The right side is so much easier than the left. I need to find the path on the left.

Long Push Press - 20 kg - 5 x 3 L, R (7)
I don't think I squatted low enough. I'll need to check that next week.

Pull-ups - Green Band - 1 x 8, 2 x 6 - (7)
I need to order more bands. That green one is too easy.

Suitcase Deadlifts - 45 lb. bar w/ 30 lbs. - 5 x 1 L, R - (6)
These were fun and I got a lot of strange looks from folks in the gym. "Don't you wish your training was hot like mine?"

I also did 10 lb. plate curls using an open hand, bent thumb grip - 3 x 2 L, R. Smokin'!!!

Now I have a baseline for heavy press days. I know that I need to fuel my body well and rest it better, so I am on a mission to go to bed one hour earlier each night and to intake more protein at noon. Really, two eggs isn't enough protein to last me through the afternoon and through heavy training.

Random change of subject-----------
So, Brad throws down a stack of business cards on his counter Saturday. I look down and see my before and after pics staring up at me from the cards. That took me off-guard. I don't really think my physique is worthy of that! Thank you for the confidence boost Brad! (I mean Monkey Boy! lol)

And, I purchased a 24 kg bell. Until Saturday I had never even picked one up. To be able to do a bent press was a real boon. Now I'll have one to start working with. Exciting stuff.

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