Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday Training

I have an optional training day each week now. If I feel good and want to burn a few cals, I can do a short MVO2 session. I took that optional session on Tuesday.

Being the blonde that I am, I started off with a 16 kg bell. 7 rep cadence, 15:15. After 5 minutes I thought "I don't usually do MVO2 with the 16. Duh!" So I check my training schedule. Yep, use the 12 stupid! So I switched and did 10 minutes more.

I'm so intrigued by increasing my grip strength, that I couldn't stop myself from doing some more plate curls. Adam's enthusiasm really rubs off. What he said Saturday really makes sense, though. You can't move/lift heavier weights unless you can literally handle heavier weights. How can I deadlift more if I can't hold onto the bar? How can I press more if I can't hold on to the kettlebell?

I also hung on the pullup bar and shortened my arms/engaged my lats. Love doing those!

When I got home, I had a buffalo burger and some mixed veggies and then ordered thinner jumpstretch bands. Pullup here I come!!!

I have gotten a great night's sleep for the past four nights and am feeling energized. I am keeping my promise to myself. Oh, and I said "I'd like to, but I can't" to a meeting tonight. I need to be home taking care of the mini-mes and doing Z health. All this new training is taxing on the CNS.

I have a fun training session this afternoon - arm bars to TGU and 16 kg snatches. Can't wait to get after that!

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