Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I kicked out a sweet circuit of strength and endurance today:

4 Rounds of
Burpee to clean - 16 kg - 5 L, R
Swings - 20 kg - 12
Mountain Climbers - 40 reps
Pushups - 8 reps
Dips - 15 reps
Snatches - 16 kg - 8 L, R

No rest between drills (killer!) and 45 seconds between rounds.

If you want to smoke your lungs, give it a shot!


Renee Yorkievitz, RKC said...

Looks like an awesome work-out...I may try it this weekend. Love it!


Amy Jurrens, RKC said...

Let me know how it goes if you do! You'll probably breeze through it from the look of your training sessions!!