Monday, February 15, 2010

Yes, I Hit More PRs Today

Another day. Another snow day in Iowa. The weather kept me off the road again, so I couldn't get to the gym where I keep my large bells. Time to improvise. I went to the local high school to train because they have free weights and a few kettlebells. The largest bells they have are 20 kg and I could only find one 16 kg.

I started by testing my goal drills: press, squat, deadlift, snatch, swing, pullup. I purposely tested them in a different order so I could see if the order of testing has anything to do with my ROM and tension feedback. Press, deadlift, and swings tested well. Deadlift the best. My body must really want to deadlift. Those puppies test well every training session.

Deadlift - 135 lbs. - 10 minutes
43 reps = 5805 lbs.
-Friday, I didn't time myself, and I did 35 reps (4725 lbs.) during deadlift. (I think I went about 12 minutes.) That means today I moved over 1000 lbs. more in two minutes less time. Hello! PR.
-Also, on Friday I did sets of four and three. Today I did mostly sets of five, a set of six, and a few of four.

Double Press - two 12 kgs bells (52 lbs.) - 10 minutes
52 reps = 2704 lbs.
-The last time I did presses, I did 41 reps and most of my sets were of four. Today, most of my sets were of five. I'm also feeling less tension in my neck when pressing.

One-Hand Swings - 20 kg (44 lbs) - 10 minutes
240 reps = 10,560 lbs.
-I would have used two 16 kg bells, but I could only find one. I didn't move as much weight as when I use a 28 kg (62 lbs) bell, but I came pretty close.

30 minutes of work time = 19,069 lbs. moved

My Gym Movement DVD arrived. Guess what I'm watching tonight!