Saturday, September 25, 2010

Revisiting Goals

I have a few goals I've been carrying around the past few years. I seem to make some progress on them and then I get side-tracked. Well, mostly I've gotten focused on physique goals (bodyfat %, clothing size, etc.). Now that I've met most of my physique goals, I'm ready to revisit a few of my "old" goals and see how I fare at meeting them this time.

What are the goals?
1. Tactical Pullups
2. Deadlift over 250 lbs.
3. Press the 20 kg kettlebell

Today I started working toward a few of them.

Tactical Pullups - green band - 10 min.
36 reps
-Okay, not so spectactular, but I have a baseline, and I have the assurance I will get better every time I train them.

Rack Pulls - 200 lbs. - 10 min.
30 reps
-I varied between sumo and regular stance. After about 18 reps, I decided to change from DO grip to the varied grip. BIG difference. My grip was much stronger this way. Good thing I tried it out.

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