Monday, September 27, 2010

Tell Me Why

Someone. Please.

I want to know why my body dislikes barbell deadlifting. I feel so incredibly awkward, like a fish out of water. Perhaps it will just take time.

When I deadlift kettlebells, I feel strong, and I'm confident in the movement. A straight bar is just too confining for me.

I probably need a trap bar.

Today I worked on moving with a straight bar with light weight.

Sumo BB DL - 135 lbs. - 10 min.
25 reps
-It is so pathetic to admit I only did 25 reps in 10 minutes. That's all my biofeedback would allow. I can only get better, right?!

Hindu Pushups - 5 min.
43 reps
-These felt so good after the deadlifts. I did them very slowly.

-These both felt good as well. I'm pleased with my progress on these movements.


Dave Sandel said...

How does the barbell feel awkward for you? Meaning, what seems out of place?

And, what was your reasoning for doing your push-ups slow?

Amy Jurrens said...

The barbell is awkward because I have don't have the ROM possibilities I do with the KBs. I have a long torso (I'm 5'11") so I'm having difficulty finding the right movement pattern that doesn't stress my low back. I don't have any low back stress when I DL KBs. Weird, I know.

I did the Hindu Pushups slowly to use my strength instead of momentum. I can crank those puppies out if I let myself go fast. Slower also works my wrists out more, which should help with my overall grip strenth and ability to move heavier weight.

There's a glimpse into the mind of a blonde biofeedback trainer.

Faizal S. Enu said...

Hi Amy,

Well, without seeing you lift it is hard to say, but I do have the following thoughts:

1) A lot of times when people have problem with the deadlift it has to do with their setup. Either they set up with their shins to close or to far away from the bar. If it is too far away, the bar gets further from the center of gravity. If they are too close, you have to pitch forward to get to the bar and the heels lose contact.

Also, the bar will be lower than kettlebell handle.

Here is what I would do, next time you put a barbell down, just put it down as fast as you can and see where it lands -- that's were you should set up.