Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mind, Body, Spirit

Today's training definitely gave me opportunities to branch out. I am stronger in mind, body, spirit after pushing myself. Here's what I accomplished.

Turkish Get-Up - 24 kg (53 lbs.) - 5 x 1 L, R
-Before today, I had never attempted a 24 kg TGU. I did some 16 kg arm bars and 1/2 get-ups. I wanted to make sure I had hip bridge deeply grooved before adding nearly 20 lbs. to the load.
-I focused on each small part of each movement. I felt like a TGU textbook. :-) I amazed myself. I put all the self-doubt out of my mind and did what I know. I know this move like never before.
-I felt like poetry in motion - like water flowing over rapids - powerful yet fluid.
-I want every TGU session to feel like this one today. I am branding today in my brain.

Snatches - 16 kg
9 L, R at the top of the minute for 10 minutes
immediately followed by
5 L, R at the top of the minute for 5 minutes
-At the 7 minute mark, I did 5 L, R instead of 9 L, R, so at minute 11, I did 9 L, R instead of 5 L, R. That means I still got in the prescribed number of reps (230).
-In 10 minutes, I got in 172 reps. In 11 minutes, 190. Last week I did 160 reps in 10 minutes and 172 in 11 minutes.

My heart rate was surprisingly low when I finished:
at finish - 144 bpm
1 min. - 120 bpm
2 min. - 110 bpm
3 min. - 102 bpm

I'm sure it was up around 165 at the 11 minute mark. I was really hurting!! As I said last week, when I make the 200 reps in 10 minutes, I'm throwing a party and you're all invited!! I will have to videotape it when I do so I have proof.

Honestly, I couldn't be happier with how my training went today. I've been struggling through some issues with my grip and military presses. Today overshadows those and gives me confidence. If I can do what I did today, I can accomplish those other tasks successful as well. I just need to keep focused and keep pushing myself.

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