Monday, April 27, 2009

Light Work & Pondering

It's time to revamp my training again. I've met several goals, so I need to evaluate where I want to go from here.

I've really enjoyed the bent presses, the heavy TGUs, and even the death snatch sessions. I have found strength I didn't know I had. Four months ago, I hated TGUs; now I have a passion for them. I have seen what dedication and grit can do. Now I know I can do more.

It seems strange to me that I can snatch like a machine and put up respectable bent presses and TGUs, yet I have a tough time with heavy military presses and pull-ups. What gives? Is it because I have such long limbs? Is my strength just in different arenas? Can somebody either kick me in the arse or give me some reassurance?

I will press on, literally, but I like to KNOW why things are the way they are. I must intellectualize everything. (Pity Brad Nelson. He has put up with this over 2 years!)

While I am busy thinking, I will also be doing light training. Today I did a fundamentals circuit. Aside from switching from the 16 kg to the 12 kg, I did not stop between drills.

Swings - 16 kg - 10
Windmills - 12 kg - 5 L, R
Squats - 12 kg - 5 L, R
Clean & Press - 12 kg - 5 L, R
Snatch - 12 kg - 8 L, R
3 Rounds

I focused on each drill's unique movements. I wanted to make sure I was dead on in my form since I was using very light bells. It was refreshing to change my focus by using light bells. It was like a review, a repatterning of sorts. This is probably something I should do more often.

Well, I'm off to do more pondering. And grade some papers. :p

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