Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Wondering

In weakness do we find strength? Somebody reassure me. Anybody.

Today's training consisted of heavy TGUs and death snatches. My TGUs were not rock steady like they have been. Getting into the lunge was dicey. Perhaps my brain was not engaged. I may be distracted with the million things going on in my life. I'm usually very adept at tuning all that out and focusing on my training. I don't know.

Arm Bar to TGU - 20 KG
2 x 3 L, R
2 x 2 L, R
I did the arm bars separately after the 2 x 3s. Also, I had to put the bell down between reps 2 & 3. My wrists couldn't take it. Grrrrrrr!

Death Snatches - 16 kg
8 L, R every minute for 10 minutes - 160 reps
6 L, R every minute for 5 minutes - 60 reps
-These went exceptionally well. I tried a different approach that seemed to work. Usually I try to get my reps in as quickly as I can so I have 30 secs to rest between sets. Today I worked slow and steady. It took me 40-42 seconds to do the 16 reps, leaving me with less than 20 seconds to rest. However, I wasn't as winded, so it was easier to recover before Gymboss was beeping at me.
-Heart rate at the end of the 15 minutes - 146
-HR at 1 min. - 122
-HR at 2 min. - 108
-HR at 3 min. - 96

Tomorrow a newspaper reporter from the Sioux City Journal is coming to interview me about kettlebell training. If the story runs online, I will post a link. Word is getting around NW Iowa! Fun stuff, for sure!

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