Saturday, April 18, 2009

Number 10

So, my 200 snatches was enough to put in 10th place on the Ultimate Snatch Test leader board.

Check it out.

Now I'm curious to see how many I could do in 10 minutes with the 12 kg (26 lb) bell. Hmmmm

Anyway, I have been feeling the after-effects of my ultimate snatches. My grip was toast. I wasn't able to do pull-ups or deadlifts on Friday because of my grip.

The most pronounced effect was how shot my CNS was. All day Thursday I was in a fog. I did a long Z Health session Thursday night and was feeling better Friday. Today (Sat.) I am still tired, but I'm allowing myself to be completely brain dead. Typing this post is the most intellectual endeavor I will undertake today.

I will be retiring for a nap soon, and then I'll be getting up to eat a fabulous meal at my favorite restaurant. I'll probably have the prime rib with jumbo lump crab meat. Oh yeah, that's what I need to celebrate and recover!

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