Monday, January 11, 2010

Doubles Circuit

Today I had the pleasure of using doubles:

Double Clean - 16 kgs - 5 reps
rest 20 seconds
Double Clean & Press - 12 kgs - 5 reps
rest 20 seconds
Double Snatch - 12 kgs - 5 reps
rest 20 seconds
5 Rounds
RPE - 6
-Everything felt relatively easy except for the presses. Three weeks to Grip n Rip to get some major overhauling of my pressing technique. Something's off in my movement pattern and it has been for a long time. I should be able to press two 12 kg bells up like they're gallons of milk. Seriously.

I finished off my training with some snatches - 192 to be exact.

Snatches - 12 kg - 12 x 8 L, R
rest 20 seconds between sets
RPE - 7
-This took me 9:50 to complete. Not bad.

My hips feel better every day. On Sunday I was able to practice many R-Phase drills as well as my Zscription. I still have some practice to do tonight. Love the Z!!!

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