Friday, July 9, 2010

Better Today - No Suprise

My training was a lot better today. My state was better than it was any other day this week.

Circuit 1 - 12 minutes
Windmills - 16 kg
Left - 30
Right - 30
Plate Curls - 12.5 lbs.
Left - 25
Right - 25
- This was the first time I used two plates on the plate curls. Usually I use a 10 lb. plate. I did all sets of 5.
Intensity PR

Circuit 2 - 12 minutes
Swings - 36 kg
160 reps
Sumo DL - 48 kg
80 reps
-I went two minutes longer than my previous session of this circuit.
Density PR

I really wasn't surprise that I set some PRs today. I just felt better today. It's amazing how much more in tune I am to my body's frequency. The signal was strong and clear today!

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