Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When You Need It Most

My psychological state has been funky for awhile. As a result, my physical training isn't where I want to be. Nothing tests well. I have zero desire to train. I keep looking at the weeks ahead and see the trips, activities, and obligations that are going to limit my training time.

This was all on my mind as I traveled to the gym today. I tested about 12 drills, and a handful tested a smidge better than baseline. I started with the drill that tested best - snatches. 12 kg tested better than 16 or 20kg, so I started a timer and snatched.

At first my goal was to go nonstop for 5 minutes. Just see how many I could do without setting the bell down. I actually felt so good at 5, I went for 7, then 8, and finally stopped at 10 minutes. I've never gone that long without setting the bell down.

Snatch - 12 kg - 10 minutes
220 snatches - no stopping
Density PR

After that I dinked around with headstands. Not good. No balance. Back to testing. Rows, squats, and hindu pushups were better than baseline, so I decided to do some of those.

Rows - 20 kg - 8 minutes
Left - 35 reps
Right - 35 reps
Intensity PR
-I seem to be moving up with rows quite nicely.

After the rows, I felt a little better. I just didn't have the drive to do anymore. Then, someone entered the room where I train to do some ab work. Divine inspiration. I couldn't fink out when someone was in the room. So, I did a circuit of squats and hindu pushups.

Circuit - 8 minutes
Suitcase Squats - 20 kg - 80 reps
Hindu Pushups - 37 reps

Why is it that I'd do more work when I thought someone else might see me quitting, but I wouldn't do more work when I was the only one who knew I'd be quitting. That is indicative of my state. Well, inspiration came when I needed it. I did the work. However, after reflecting, I realize that inspiration won't always come. My drive to be better is the only true inspiration.

Tomorrow I will turn 39. The last year in my thirties. Here is a picture of me at the beginning of my thirties. You can see from my profile pic how I look today. My thirties were a decade of big changes. I am better now than I was then, without a doubt. And, it's not just physically. I am smarter and stronger and know what I want. I don't ever wish to go back to thirty. I'm looking forward to all the next years have in store.

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Lonnie said...

You are so right -- you do look better than before you began your training program. Can't seem to find enough time in the day for us to have some alone time to see if the other is true :) Lonnie