Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Crud Can't Keep Me Down

Even though I sound like a man and hack up half a lung every hour, I'm not letting it keep me from training. I may not be setting many PRs, but I do what tests well until my body tells me to stop. That way I know I'm not overdoing it.

Dbl KB Clean & Press - 12 kgs - 10 min.
55 reps = 2915 lbs.

Two-Hand Swings - 36 kgs - 10 min.
231 reps = 18,249 lbs.
Density PR

Snatch - 12 kg - 10 min.
??? Reps
-I did this during my boot camp tonight with my clients, so I didn't keep count. We were too busy talking. Who knew a bunch of guys could be so talkative? All I know is that I went for 10 minutes without putting the bell down. I switched arms whenever I felt tension in my elbow.

Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and sound like me again. I hope so!

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