Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Education Continues

Today's training started fantastic and then fizzled. ????? I did a circuit again. I planned to do 8 rounds just like I did Monday to see if I could complete it in less time. After round 6, my ROM wouldn't return.

My first reaction was disappointment. Then, I stepped back to examine the data to determine what I could learn from the experience.

1. I still haven't truly unwound from the stressful events this spring and summer. It seems life keeps moving full steam ahead without any time to float around. The flooding this past week just added to it all.

2. I moved my body today. I could have just sat on my rear, but I chose to be better.

3. I listened to my body. Instead of pushing through a training session, I chose to stop when my body told me it had enough.

4. I didn't feel guilty. My attitude regarding training has changed so much since being introduced to the biofeedback protocol. A year ago I would have been very upset and would have felt very guilty for not doing all 8 rounds. State before skills.

5. Even though I didn't do 8 rounds, I did do more reps per set of each of the four drills. So there! I did PR. :-P Progress is not linear. I can't fall into the trap of seeing progress in only one direction. I am moving and that's what matters.

Tomorrow I will sleep in, drink a cup of coffee outside, and move some iron. Recharge.

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