Thursday, March 27, 2008

5 Great Rounds

With the 26 lb. KB

Windmills - 5 L, R
Walking Overhead Lunges - 8 L, R
Renegade Rows - 6 L, R
Step Ups - 12 L, R
High Pulls - 10 L, R
Planks - 30 seconds

1 minute between rounds - which I didn't need, BTW!!!

Another student of mine from the college tried out the KBs today. He is in the Powerline program. He climbs poles every day and trains pretty hard on the weights. He did some swings and then wanted to try the walking lunges. He was surprised how difficult it was. He did not want to even attempt a renegade row. I give him a lot of credit for trying out the KBs. Most people look at me like I have a horn growing out of my head. They judge without giving it a try. The bonus to the story? I'm old enough to be this kid's mom!

Another positive note: I kept my balance on the walking overhead lunges. Yipee!! The Z is working Nelson. Love that Kool-aid!

I finished the day with a 1/2 hour massage therapy session. I'm ready for La-La Land. Night!

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