Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Fuel

I'm gassed up and ready. Today is the start of my spring break!!! I slept in until 7:00 am. I dropped the kids at school and I'm sipping on my protein shake. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Today is a day to recharge. I need to get over to Sheldon to my KBs and do my light training. I also have a large Z session planned to work out all of the kinks from sitting in a car and in meetings for two days straight.

I drive to Des Moines (270 miles one way) every other month for board meetings of the Iowa Association of School Boards. I represent NW Iowa on that board. To charaacterize those board of directors meetings as "meetings" isn't quite accurate. It is actually more like training. I learn so much about how Iowa schools are working to improve education. This isn't your father's school system, let me tell you!

In addition to the board meetings, I ran up to the Capitol and talked to a legislator. It's amazing to be part of the discussion on education-related legislation. I feel like my work is actually making a difference for schools. I'm just one person, but I'm part of a larger group working together and sending consistent messages out there about what schools need to be successful in our global economy. I am filled with hope for our children and our future.

Wow, I'm getting too reflective for a Friday morning. On to something lighter.....................

I'm a new mom! My baby was born March 8. A little girl. Here's a link to her photos:

Click on "Gallery" and then you'll see the thumbnail for the puppies.

She's the flashy female. The momma had to have a C-section and only three pups survived. It'll be a few months before she gets to come home, but that'll be good since I'll be off for the summer then. I think we'll try to buzz over and see her this weekend. Now I have to pick out a name. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We like people names for dogs over cutesie names like Cuddles and Cocoa.

I'll probably post later after I've done my training. I just needed a brain dump after the week I've experienced. Later!

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