Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Z Sickness

I completed all of Brad's prescribed training:

10 Burpees
10 Squats ATG
8 Pushups
20 Mountain Climbers
8 Inverted Rows

6 Rounds w/30 seconds rest between rounds

I also did some GTG with lunges to improve my TGUs. Those were fine on the left. When I switched to the right (my "sticky" side) I could not keep my balance. I put down the 26 lb. KB and tried them unweighted. Still tippy. I stood up and did some leg circles on the right. Yowsie! Z sickness. (That's what I call the naseau I get when I do a Z drill on an affected joint.)

Nelson, we have a problem! ;-)

This lack of balance freaked me out a bit. I've been off-balance before, but never to the point of tipping over. Weird! I put a call in to Brad. He gave me some shoulder Z and now I am monitoring the situation.

I'll try the GTG on the lunges again tomorrow and see what happens.

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