Saturday, March 29, 2008

An Interesting Friday

Brad's training prescription consisted of

TGUs - 5 x 3 L,R w/ 12 kg KB
One-Handed Swings - 3 x 20 L,R w/ 20 kg KB
40 seconds rest between sets

I warmed up with some Z, focusing on the drills for my right hip.

I started my TGUs. Left side - no prob! Right side - tipsy and can't stand up. WTH? Try again. Look straight ahead. Tighten up all muscles. Clench my left fist. Whoa! Abort!

So I decide the TGUs aren't going to happen. So, I do my snatch test instead. 40 snatches w/ 16 kg in 2 minutes. Not bad! See, Tracy. Life is full of crazy goodness!

After the snatches, I did my one-handed swings with the 20 kg KB. I might have to consider trying to snatch that puppy one of these days. I don't want to go too crazy yet since I'm working up to my certification course in a month.

It's Saturday morning and I'm off to the natural food market. I have to drive an hour, but that's fine. I love the journey! I get to reconnect with my family (if my 10 year old isn't engrossed in a video game in the back seat) and I might even get a little snooze in since my husband always drives.

Here's an updated photo of Penny. The breeder said she is starting to stand up now. She's three weeks old already.

I can't wait to snuggle her!

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