Monday, March 3, 2008

Thank Goodness for Z

It saved me this weekend. I had some major stress this weekend, and my neck/shoulder pain was creeping up on me. I did my Z religiously (on Sunday, ha!). I woke up this morning feeling no pain. Back to the grind.

Or not.
There would be no presses tonight. Why?

Brad is trying to kill me! ;-)

He prescribed 10 minutes of Snatches - 9 L, 9 R on the top of every minute for 10 minutes. That's 180 snatches in 10 minutes - pretty ambitious, but I was up for the challenge. Last week I did 16/minute for 8 minutes. Surely I could do 18/minute for 10 minutes.

I was on my way. After 5 minutes, my lungs were smokin. I knew I was halfway there. Minute 6 - the 9th rep is tough on the left and right. Minute 7 - I barely eek out rep 9 on each side. My shoulders feel like they'll give way. Minute 8 - I cannot get past rep 6 on the left. I don't want to drop the KB on my head. I change arms, but I am defeated. My confidence is blown. I do 6 reps on the right and drop the bell in disgust. I am toast.

I go on to the rest of my training prescription, but I have no strength left. I do 3 TGUs on each side and am done. Beaten by the bell.

Three hours later and my lungs are still smoking. I wonder if I am coming down with some crud. Dang it all!!!! I refuse to get sick. Next week is my back off week, so I wanted to go into it strong and healthy. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Iron Tamer said...

nice work. I look forward to meeting you in April.

Amy said...

Thanks Dave!

I am ready for the April challenge. Brad is really preparing me well.

I can't wait to meet all of the instructors and fellow victims!