Monday, March 24, 2008

Loving Monday

This was my last day of spring break. I took full advantage of the opportunity to train when I felt best. I did my training at 11:00 a.m. Here's what I had the pleasure to do:

Snatches w/ 36 lb. KB
15 L, R - 1 minute rest
10 L, R - 1 minute rest
8 L, R

TGUs - 3 x 5 L, R w/ 26 lb. KB
Squats - 3 x 5 L, R w/ 36 lb. KB
Clean & Press - 4 x 6 L, R w/ 26 lb. KB

Another good training session. Tough and fun. It felt great to do it and even better to be done with it. :-)

It also felt great to work off all of the birthday cake, potatoes, rolls, ham, and chocolate I ate yesterday. That stomach ache I had made me appreciate all of the days when I eat healthy, optimal food and feel great. I am also proud of myself for not feeling guilty for my food choices. They were my 10% for the week. Nothing more, nothing less.

I will make choices for myself that will provide me with positive outcomes as often as I can. In the long-run, this is the way to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

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