Monday, March 31, 2008


Ever have one of those training sessions where you overanalyze and just overthink every move? That was me today. Here's my training log along with my running thoughts:

Snatches w/ 16 kg
15 L, R - rest 1 min
That feels pretty good. I'll never get to 50,000 when I only do snatches once a week. Plus, I can't risk getting injured before my cert weekend.

10 L, R - rest 1 min
Am I snapping my hips enough? Okay, I didn't bang my forearms with the bell.

10 L, R
Why don't I ever get blisters or big callouses? Am I doing something wrong? I wish Brad were around to check my form.

Now seriously, why would I need to worry about my LACK of callouses? I have little ones at the base of each ring finger. After I take a bath, they flake right off. Doesn't my lack of callouses mean I'm doing my training right? Why do I always have to think so much?

TGUs w/ 12 kg
3 L, R (I was supposed to do 5 L, R for the record)
What is the matter with me today? I feel weak. I can barely eek out 3 reps. I hate TGUs.

ATG Squats w 16 kg
5 L, R
Oh yeah! Those feel good, especially if I really snap my hips at the top. How can 16 kgs feel so stinking heavy?

Clean & Press w/ 12 kg
6 L, R
I wonder how many I can do without re-cleaning the bell. Oh wow. I can do 6. Hmmmm I'm gonna try doing as many reps as a I can before re-cleaning on the next 3 sets.

I did three rounds of the above circuit and then did an extra set of C & P. I then did some GTG with lunges. In between rounds I did leg circles and the prescribed arm circles. That right hip is just being a bugger for me.

I think I think myself into a tizzy sometimes. Maybe I just wasn't feeling it today. Maybe tomorrow will be totally different. My body can't feel 100% all the time. I'm going to stop thinking about it now. Really.

I mean it.

Just one more thing before I stop thinking about it.

Why can't I do TGUs strongly and confidently? They are my achille's heel. I'm sure that's why Brad has me do them twice a week.

Okay I'm done thinking.

About training. Now I'm thinking about how badly I want to get my Harley out of the garage and let loose. Free and easy. Warm and fast. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Christopher Wells said...

You know Olympic weightlifters say:

"learn this, learn that, learn a thousand forget all that and pull!"

Sounds like you're right where you should be Amy!

Christine said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one with the 'internal dialouge' going on!

Amy said...

Are you sure I'm not overthinking? I think I might be. ;-)

I'll keep your quote in my head while I'm training today. "Forget everything and swing/press that bell!"

Amy said...

Do you think it's a woman thing or a personality type thing? All I know is I've been told many times in my life that I think too much. Plus, I have the ulcer to prove it!

Christine said...

Maybe it's a mommy thing? I became way more in my head after I had kids.... not to mention the whole 'worry about everything' thing!