Friday, May 16, 2008

Back to Life

I've been out of town most of this week. Not a big deal except I didn't bring my computer with me, so I couldn't blog or check blogs. I'm back now AND this is my last day of work for the year (until mid-July when I teach a condensed credit course).

Oh the things I'm looking forward to!

1. Lots and lots of kettlebell mania. The RKC cert kind of drained me. I feel like I'm finally recovered. I think my being sick last weekend was a direct result of being wiped out. My CNS put the brakes on so I couldn't overtrain. It kills me to not be able to train physically when I want to mentally. I am looking forward to pushing myself to reach some goals for myself including
--snatching the 20 kg regularly
--doing a pull up
--pressing the 16 kg regularly

2. Bringing kettlebells to the people. Now that I am an RKC, I'm looking forward to creating some opportunities to introduce kettlebells to the folks in northwest Iowa and southeast South Dakota. I am open to any and all marketing ideas!

3. Soaking up the sun at the lake, at the pool, and on my motorcycle. I'm looking forward to some down time devoted to my kids. I'm not going to have a nanny this summer, so I can focus on home. I can also slow down and breathe and enjoy all of my blessings.

4. Discovering new foods and recipes. With my down time I want to find new healthy food options and develop easy recipes for when I am back at work and life is crazy. I will now have the time to go to the farmer's markets and to experiment. I am open to any and all suggestions regarding favorite foods and cooking methods.

So there are just a few things I have planned for the summer. How lucky am I to be able to have three months off every year to get caught up with life? Incredibly lucky, I'd say!

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