Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Monday's Training

It felt great to pick up my KBs again after a week break. Here's what I had the pleasure of accomplishing:

Clean & Press w/ 12kg - 8 x 3 L, R
Snatch - VO2 Max - 12 kg - 7 L, R 15:15 for 15 minutes

Quick and effective. I noticed that the 12 kg feels light after learning how to properly breathe, support, and apply tension during presses. I pretty much did the 8 sets non-stop. I suppose it's time to start pressing the 16kg.

Make sure you check out Dr. Cheng's blog. He reflects on his KB tour of duty - his Trifecta. A very good read!

On a completely side note: I had the great honor of attending a bill signing by the governor of Iowa. I've been involved with some legislation that applies a penny sales tax statewide for education infrastructure. (I serve on my local school board and on the Iowa Association of School Boards board of directors. ) The signing was definitely a highlight of my week!! And, I got to keep one of the pens Governor Culver used to sign the bill. How cool is that? I need to get that puppy framed with a copy of the bill.

Speaking of puppies, here's a pic of Penny as of Saturday. In a week and a half she'll be home!


Boris said...

I didn't realize you were in Iowa - I am too! The next time I have a workshop, it'd be great if you'd come and help. I do my workshops for students generally and, as such, are essentially volunteer deals, but if you're interested at all, let me know.

Amy said...

Where are you located? I'm in the NW corner, almost in SD and MN. When you say you train "students" do you mean college students? High school students? Shoot me an email and we can talk more!

Joe Walker said...

Amy, start pressing that 16kg KB! Solid work! Have you been using the super secret double breathing? Nice work on being involved with getting that bill signed!