Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Training

Monday was a good day training.

Clean & Press - 12kg - 6 sets of 5 L, R
Snatch - 12 kg - VO2 Max, 7 L, R 15:15 for 20 minutes

The clean & press didn't feel quite as strong as I had hoped. I found that looking at the KB ala Kenneth Jay helped a lot. It allowed me to hold more tension in my torso. If I want to press that 16 kg consistently, I'll need that tension!

The VO2 Max is really going well. It feels awesome. I probably need to use the 16 kg for that since I knocked out 20 minutes without too much trouble. I'll see what Brad has to say about that.

On the nutrition side of things, I've made a big batch of red cabbage "slaw" with poppyseed dressing. I've been putting that on a bed of mixed greens for lunch. Add a couple hard boiled eggs and Voila! Yummy!

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