Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday's Training

Is Brad going soft on me? I finished my training and thought, "Is that it?" I think he forgot the other half of my workout! ;-}

I did the following:
TGUs w/12kg - 10 minutes alternating L, R
Squats w/16kg - 4 L, 4 R
Inverted rows - 10

Since I didn't feel worn out, I did some pushups for Com. Hardstyle (David Whitley). I didn't even get stuck midway through!! If I had, there would have been no one to kick me.

I also gave a go at pressing that 16 kg. Right side: I got one. Left side: no go without ASSistance from my free hand. WTH? Now that's just pissing me right off. I will try again tomorrow!!

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