Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Training #2

I just finished up my training for the day


Gorgeous day in NW Iowa. It's about 70 degrees and breezy. My hubby is digging in the dirt. My daughter is playing with the new puppy (Penny). And I'm kickin' in Hardstyle!

TGUs - 12 kg - 10 minutes alt. L,R
Squats - 16 kg - 7 x 5 L,R
Burpee to Clean - 16 kg - 15 L,R

For my cool down I get to play a round of golf tonight. It's the first night of women's league. I haven't even swung a club this spring. Jeez! This ought to be fun. Ha! LOL

1 comment:

Joe Walker said...

I hope that weather moves east, because it's miserable in North Jersey.

Have you tried doing TGUs with the 16kg? It might help you with your 16kg presses.

Keep up the great work Amy!