Monday, August 18, 2008

Better Days Are Coming

I know they are. My training was disappointing. It has been months since I did TGUs, so I am not surprised by the outcome - feeling just plain pooped.

TGU w/ 2 Squats to Push Press
12 kg bell
5 x 3 L,R

I did 11 each side. (I was supposed to do 15 each side.) I didn't realize that my bunion still isn't healed from my little accident. Pushing up to stand sent a jolt up my foot. YeeOuch! I also felt weak and awkward, probably since I haven't done them for awhile. I also did some snatches.

Snatch w/ 16 kg - 8 L,R
Snatch w/ 12 kg - 12 L,R
4 rounds

I did the sets nonstop: 8 L, 8 R, 12 L, 12 R. Then I rested. Those actually felt pretty good. It was awesome to smoke my lungs. I'm definitely ready to head to bed tonight! Too bad I can't for four hours.

I just made up my batch of "cabbage salad" for the week. This time I used olive oil, vinegar, lime, onion, pepper, and honey for my dressing. I have to get back on track with my nutrition. That's my main focus this week. My head is making some adjustments, but my stomach doesn't like the sound of it! I will keep the following quote by RKC Franz Snideman in sight this week:

"Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!"


Tracy Reifkind said...

Better days are here. You can move, you can eat, you can love. How we move, how we eat, how we love are choices we make everyday and we can change them whenever we want.

Move alot, eat well, love ourselves.

Christine said...

My favorite quote there at the end!
By the way - I HATE TGUs! So much so, that I almost never do them. I know I should, but it's the only kb exercise I just cannot stand to do.

You're rocking it with the 16kg - woot!

Amy said...

Thanks for the affirmation Tracy! I needed to hear that, especially today.

Amy said...

I love to hate TGUs. Putting the squat and push press on the end, not to mention twice, really makes them grueling. I don't mind TGUs so much if I use a lighter KB. Go figure!

I see that you're still "swinging" in there. Glad to see that.

Anonymous said...

Love the quote Aminator! I am so stealing it for my blog!

Amy said...

Quote away. I forgot to give credit to the author Franz Snideman, RKC.