Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday, Wednesday

Another busy day at chez Amy. First thing this morning I put in a round of EDT:

15 minutes of
Double Swings - 26 lb. bells
Double Suitcase Squats - 26 lb. bells

I did 200 double swings and 85 squats.

Holding the bells like suitcases allowed me a much better ROM and allowed me to go deeper into my squat than when I hold them in the rack position. Two weeks ago I did the squats in rack position and only got in 75 in 18 minutes. After my back off week last week, I felt I needed to be kind to my back this week. I'll see how next week goes.

I still need to get in my 18 minute EDT of Clean and Press with the 26 lb. bell, but I'll have to do it tomorrow. Today was too jam packed. After my training, I had to register the kids for school. Then, some friends of ours from the lake - Tim and Angie - stopped in for a visit with their kids. Here's a picture.

After that, I had to trek over to the middle school to give Senator Tom Harkin, Iowa, a tour of the upgrades we made to that building thanks to the half million dollar Harkin Grant our school district received. He was genuinely interested and interesting.

By then, it was supper time. The kids were running around in their swimsuits, so I had to take some pics. Check out Lauren's hair. If you look at Monday's post, you'll see her hair was pretty long. Well, yesterday, she decided it was time to go short. I almost cried when the first 8 inch snip took place. Now I'm glad she did it. It is adorable on her.

It's hard to believe in two weeks I'll be back in the classroom. That also means back to hardcore training. I have not been focused this summer. I guess it's to be expected with all the activity going on at home!


Steve Stenzel said...

Double suitcase squats?!? I don't know what those are, but they sound like they suck.

And cute photos!

Amy said...

Double suitcase squats = pick up a kettlebell in each hand like a suitcase and squat down until they touch the floor and then stand. They actually put less stress on my back than cleaning the bells and holding them in rack position at my shoulders.

I see you're a triathlete and that you live in St. Paul. A good friend of mine - Katie Weaver-Jongerius - is a triathlete and trains with John Shelp at SCS Multisport in Bloomington (I think). Small world!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Watch out or I'll lure you over to the dark side of kettlebell training. (Insert evil laugh.)